1 Corinthians 1:25-29 

I Just Can't Do It!
`"I just can't do it." Have you ever spoken those words when faced with a task that seems too great? I have! God may have put it on your heart to do great things but the voice that clamors for your attention says that you'll fail. Often the thing that God lays out for us to do is bigger than we are.

Our Weakness Reveals God's Strength 
 The good news is, it isn't at all about our goodness, strength, or wisdom. In fact, the opposite is true. God chooses those who are inadequate in and of themselves so that the ultimate glory goes to him. You see, when we serve out of our weakness and God's strength, it is obvious to everyone that the power of the Holy Spirit and not the strength or wisdom of man has accomplished great things.
Dependence on God 
  Each day as you go about your business, acknowledge that you can't do it, but God can. Put your dependence completely on God for his strength, wisdom and goodness - not your own. Throw yourself into the arms of Jesus and ask him to carry you as you do the work he has called you to do. As you begin to see success, don't forget that it is God who strengthens you, provides the ability for you to do the work, gives you favor, and opens doors. It isn't about you, but about the God who deserves all the honor and glory. He is the One who should be acknowledged in the midst of "your" success.

PRAYER: Please God, strengthen me and work in my life. You help me everyday and i depend you in all aspects of my life. Thank you for always being there and embrace me as your imperfect child. Amen

THOT: Thank God in times of joy and lean on him on times of troubles.

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