I was born a blank canvas. An pure, innocent creation that has become, through time, a beautiful mess. A streak of red, a splash of blue, scribbles of frustration, traces of eraser dust, trying to rid myself of past mistakes. Nevertheless, I am God's masterpiece. And I am not meant to be put on display with ropes around me, dust settling on my frame. Life ain't no art gallery, I am alive. Bursting with love and hope and passion. I am meant to perform. I don't mean musical numbers similar to that of Glee. I mean, to go out into the world, let God shine through me, do good and spread His Word. I may never be famous, but I have a place in this world.
For we are God's masterpiece, created in the Messiah Jesus to perform good actions that God prepared long ago to be our way of life. -Ephesians 2:10
This verse is so important to explore because there are so much to be taken from it. Its like an I SPY game where I can find at least 5 things to discuss to understand the verse fully.
#1 For we are God's masterpiece... Picture this: God, at an easel, sketching out your life. It doesn't matter what he adds, intelligence, creativity, compassion, we all have the potential to do great things, as individuals and as humankind. Everyone is valuable. Hold onto the fact that you are no "test drive" . You are the real deal. Your life has infinite value because you are a piece of art created and belonging to God. You are so priceless, He would never let you out of sight.
#2 ...created in the Messiah Jesus... Jesus Christ was sent to save our sins. We are a masterpiece that is tattered and smudged. We have been restored and redeemed by His sacrifice. Our God recognized the need for "motivation" and as Christians, our inspiration comes from the life of Jesus. We follow in his likeness to set the stage for our own life.
#3 ...to perform good actions... We weren't just cast on Earth to do whatever we want. Sure we have free will but shouldn't we strive to leave a positive mark on this Earth through good actions. Its so broad and yet so clear. Our life should be a reflection of God's mercy and Jesus' love, not just in what we say, but how we act.  It could be as large scale as long term mission work or a lifetime of random acts of Kindness, as long as it is done in such a way that glorifies God and spreads the Good News.
#4 ...that God prepared long ago... Even though we make our own choices, God already knows whats best for us and what we are ultimately going to do. He knew all along that we are His masterpiece and that we are equipped with all we need to be our best selves. It's up to us to listen and follow where ever He leads. It's not easy to let go of the steering wheel. But He has had a lot of time to plan, wouldn't you trust his directions over your own?
#5 ...to be our way of life. Our life may feel so small in comparison to the lives of others, that what difference does it make? But in reality every life is important, not just the people whose names are up in lights or have millions of dollars to spend. Your entire existence is not coincidental. You were not created by chance. There is no rehearsal in life. And because of this your whole life is meaningful. Just like you wouldn't want just ACT 1 of a play or the corner of a painting, He doesn't want just a piece of you, He wants all of you. If you spend each moment  as a live performance with pure intentions dedicated to God, your life will be beautiful.

From this evidence, I can conclude that there is meaning in my life. I have purpose. I will not be a pebble caught in life's current. I am a work of art that I need to share with everyone! And when I say "I", I mean each and every one of us. Remember this verse and hold it in your heart.

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