This is just a quick update! Daylight Savings Time has begun again and I'm back to waking an hour earlier. Truthfully, i don't like to think about it because the particulars of time vs reality are very confusing to me... :D Rather than trying to understand the time change, I think it's more important to accept that time is not as scientific as we perceives it.  
"Life Is Not Measured by the Number of Breaths We Take, but Instead It Is Measured 
by the Moments That Take Our Breath Away."
This quote reminds me that time is a man made system of measurement. It was not meant to be measured by a clock, the minutes and hours ticking away. The first person to track time spent could have decided that the day was to be split into 6 hours. Think about how long one hour of class would feel. In any case, the obvious lesson is to live life by the moment and don't obsess about the next. Each day has enough worries of its own. With that said, this is not an argument to drop everything and move into a cave with a view. You should prioritize and make time for the important things in life, more specifically, your faith. This is Gods time. God has a plan for you. There is a time for everything and it will come when it comes. Accept this and allow God to provide  opportunity for you. Don't turn away in fear when the chance comes. Open your heart to God and let Him work in your life...


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