So anyone who has ever gone through high school knows that things can get a Lil rough... or a Lot rough, depending on your situation. I know it's summer but with September creeping its way closer, I felt the most appropriate topic of discussion was: School. As a gleaming graduate (It's about time!) I have some personalized advice for each year. ONWARD...


You are either the top or bottom rung of the ladder, depending on your school district but either way you've still got it made... you know why? 'cause there's really no pressure! Of course that's not to say, you wont be stressed or busy! But take comfort in the fact that no one will be looking at your freshman grades except your parents! (Although that's a whole other kind of pressure!) :) So give it your best to make them happy but also try not to freak out about figuring out your whole life. It's not worth your peace of mind at this point.... have fun, get involved, make lasting friendships, and enjoy your last year before the real "fun" begins!

This would be a good time to actually start learning how to study... if you haven't already. Trust me, you're gonna need this skill in the long haul. My best advice is to definitely prioritize. 10th grade isn't exactly the hardest year but it does come at you full speed and without warning. if your not focused on school it may sneak up on you. Don't procrastinate, please. You'll feel much better if you aren't stuck writing an eight page literary analysis all night (and yes, chances are, this will occur anyway)

Work hard. This is one of your last years of high school, you are the official middle child of high school, so don't take offense if you are under appreciated (you are not alone). Your time will come! But this is a big year too! Take it seriously. Definitely utilize this time to explore your options like colleges, careers, and next year's classes. :) You don't need to have all the answers but it is exciting to plan your future with your friends. Remember there are necessary steps before you can go all Miss or Mr. independent. PS: SAT's, driving tests, college apps and minimum wage jobs have all been done before by millions of present day adults, so don't be afraid to ask for help and don't give up hope in your journey to adulthood.

I could say corny things like this is your year or hey big shot! but that's not exactly being honest. Everyone knows Senior year can be just as tough and getting through the agonizingly long classes is harder knowing what there is to look forward to. Prom, senior trip , spring break, graduation and college are all exciting perks to being the "big man on campus" but keep it cool and keep your priorities in line to come up on top! Remember colleges may not look at this year's grades for acceptance, but they can drop you if they see your grades drop. Make the most of this year and keep in touch with your friends!

PRE-COLLEGE summer!:
It feels good to finally be done, doesn't it? Bittersweet?  I know, but you have a whole life to look forward to! So don't dwell on the past and focus on this summer. Make a list of everything you need to do before this upcoming school year and get contact info from your friends before they leave. I believe in you and your potential to do amazing things so work hard and have fun!

With the drama and the big issues constantly suffocating young adults, there's a lot of pressure in these four years... it can either make you or break you. Don't worry so much and when in doubt, pray, pray, pray. Keep your relationship with God strong and he will guide you through it. Remember: God didn't promise days without rain. But he did make the person who invented umbrellas. And you could be the next game changer. :)

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